Movie Review The Impact of Globalization in the Movie Still, the Children Are Here Essay (Movie Review)

It is been 6000 years since people decided to cultivate rice. During those centuries, the civilization went thought a number of life-circles, developing the new facilities, values and entertainments.


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However, can we easily say what changed since that time when people in India started their worship? The movie Still, the Children Are Here shows the typical life of one village in the West Garo Hills in North East India. For the people who live there life-circle does not change.

Although there are modern technologies, cars, computers and television, people go to space and to a depth of the oceans, the villagers use the same methods as their ancestors. Thereby, it is possible to say that the impact of the civilization on the life of the villagers in the movie is not significant and people are able to save their traditional way of life in spite of the globalization.

Cultivation of rise as the way of life is the major idea of the present movie. For this society, the natural order of things in life is only one possible way. Perhaps, they do not know about the historical events, political movements and the fashionable trends. They do not care if their life is fair, rich or socially important. They know that life has to be like that. 6000 years their people go to the fields, grow rice and burn down the trees. It seems that the usual way life will never change.

However, the population of the Earth grows too fast. India is one of the most densely populated countries. Rural people feel more influence of the urban life. As the modern civilization needs more space and natural resources, rural people have to share their historical land with the newcomers. The village described in the movie is large.

Nevertheless, people who live there cannot maintain the separated life. The world around them is changing day by day and they cannot stop this movement. So what solution the villagers can find? Perhaps, they will dissolve in the other population of the country, adopting the new facilities and goods, or maybe they will try to save their way of life? Obviously, this question is complicated and causes the sharp discussions.

Someone may say that there is no way to resist the Globalization. On the other hand, someone may claim for necessity of saving the traditional characteristics. In fact, both of them are right. People try to keep the traditional life; however, it is impossible to stop the global processes.


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The essential nature of man in movie is considered as the cooperation with nature within the culture of cultivation. For the villagers, the natural life, food and culture are the main values.

In spite of the facilities and technologies that urban people can bring, the rural population needs their simple but own and native things. In general, those villagers are the same as the urban people. They are human-being with the same needs and characters. They can be hard-working, lazy, worry about money; they drink, eat and have the family problems.

However, this way is absolutely natural as it was 6000 years ago. In fact, people do not change. And, at the end, when the villagers will unite with other citizens, they will be the same people inside with the same emotions, but the traditions of their ancestors will be lost.

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