Keep the Troops Essay

Since the bombing of the U.S embassies in Kenya, Tanzania and the terror attacks on the U.S in 1999, Al Qaeda, or Osama bin Laden are names that rekindle the bitter memories. Consequently, the U.S, Britain, and NATO combined forces to dismantle and eliminate Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which is the base of terror groups.


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Fortunately, in May 2011 the U.S intelligence service was able to gun down the leader and financier of Al Qaeda. Therefore, although Osama bin Laden is dead, his roots and doctrines on holy war still live especially in his followers. Due to the temptation of revenge from his followers, the U.S should keep its troops in Afghanistan.

Due to expulsion from Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Pakistan, Osama bin Laden landed in Afghanistan where he financed and spread his expertise on terrorism. Furthermore, he assisted the growth of Taliban in Afghanistan. Sadly, his attacks on the U.S disrupted the world peace branding him the ‘most wanted man’.

In 2001, forces from both the Britain and the U.S decided to fight and dismantle his Al Qaeda group. Due to technology and wits, they were not able to nail him down. At the same time, he was fighting back by bombing passenger trains in the West and the U.S embassies in other African states.

Luckily, early May 2011 was the turning point for the U.S after their intelligence service was able to gun him down. Consequently, Osama’s death led to celebration allover the world especially in the West. Although Osama is a fallen leader, his legacy still lives among his followers.

The living legacy of Osama should send fears in the nerves of the U.S government. Due to the death of Osama, the Islamic groups in the south Asia especially the Al Qaeda groups will strive to hit back at the U.S. and incase the Al Qaeda group revenge Osama’s death many Americans are yet to lose their lives.

To stop the revenge, America should watch closely the movement of the Al Qaeda groups. They should strive to dismantle and jail the members of the group, who are widespread in Asia. Therefore, to secure the lives of Americans, the peace keeping forces in Afghanistan should stay there for sometime and fight the other terrorists.


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In addition, the army forces in the West especially America should remain alert because the Al Qaeda group might hit at anytime soon. Thus, the withdrawal of the U.S army from Afghanistan will lead to a disastrous end but if they stay, they might instill fear in the Al Qaeda troupes and hinder them from attacking the west. Finally, I state categorically that the U.S armies should continue keeping surveillance on the Al Qaeda group in Afghanistan.

In summary, Afghanistan is the home of Al Qaeda terrorist group with Osama bin Laden as their leader until last month when he was gunned down by the US forces. With the help of Osama, the group has killed so many people especially the Americans. Therefore, America opted to fight the group, which has led to the recent killing of Osama.

Although the death of Osama seems like a breakthrough in America, his doctrines are alive and his followers might plan to revenge the death of their leader. Finally, the U.S army troops should stay in Afghanistan and not only monitor the group but also ensure the security of American citizens.

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