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“Obesity Prevention” by Michelle Cowan Essay- by EduBirdie

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Credentials of the Author

The author is justified to write this article because is a qualified nurse who works at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow, where she uses the tools in question to attend to her patients. Therefore, one can have confidence in her contribution to this topic. In addition, the author is knowledgeable and well-informed on this subject.

Essay on “Obesity Prevention” by Michelle Cowan

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This is supported by the fact that she can understand the importance of the information that she has obtained to her patients (Cowan 59). Also, the writer can quote how the tools under consideration are applied in nursing, as well as the various challenges that face the application of these tools. The author says that “As a nurse, health promotion is part of my role, and will pass on to patients the information that I have learned” (Cowan 59).

After reading through this article, one can tell that the author is a dedicated health professional. She has been able to present what she learned about body mass index (BMI), as well as malnutrition universal screening in a way that proves that she was attentive during the training that she attended. Some of the participants in various trainings are not able to comprehend and present what they learn after training.

On the contrary, Cowan can give the reader what the training was all about. It is encouraging to read that the writer is dedicated to educating her patients on the new information that she has obtained. Therefore, one can conclude that EduBirdie Reviews the character of the author is one of dedication, and she loves her profession.

The organization of the work into short, yet informative paragraphs portray the author as an organized individual. The fact that there is a picture to illustrate the topic under discussion clearly shows that this writer is passionate about delivering her message to many people as possible. This is supported by the fact that pictures can draw the attention of many individuals because pictures are easy to interpret.

Summary of the Article

The article is about two commonly used tools in the nursing sector; that is, the body mass index (BMI) and the Malnutrition Universal Screening, with particular attention to BMI. It is like a presentation by a nurse who followed training on the prevention of obesity. Some of the limitations that hinder the effectiveness of the BMI have been given as changes in the mass around the belly and ethnicity because some communities have varying differences in masculinity.

The predisposing risk factors for obesity have been outlined. The major factor has been given as the environment surrounding the uterine that may lead to failure in hormonal balance. This may then lead to increased appetite and obesity in the future. Other factors that may lead to obesity have been given as genetics, choice of food, stress, inadequate physical exercises, and medications.

Nutrition ?

The prevention measures against obesity have been given in order to educate the reader on how well to guard oneself against the condition. One such measure is regular physical exercises. The writer says that the recommended amount of time that should be dedicated to physical activity is between 45 and 60 minutes. This time can be spread across the day into smaller portions of, for example, 10 minutes each.

Another measure that has been emphasized in this article is the issue of a good diet. Cowan says, “some patients have a poor understanding of food choices, so nutritional education is important, particularly for men” (59). Therefore, the writer decided to educate the men in her ward so that they could adjust to better nutritional choices.

One of the critical questions that the reader asks himself while reading this article is: What could happen to our health sector if all nurses were as dedicated as Cowan?

Work Cited

Cowan, Michelle. “Obesity Prevention.” Nursing Standard 24.26 (2010): 59-59. Print.


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Where Are the Best Gambling Sites Located46

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Where Are the Best Gambling Sites Located?

If you are new to the game of online gambling, then you must have wondered where the best gambling sites are located. The answer is actually quite simple. South Africa is the best gambling site in the world.

With all the different types of casinos in the country, it is not surprising that South Africa has some of the best. When you get a chance to tour the country, you will be surprised by the many different sites available. There are numerous different gambling sites located in the country; however, the best one is the one that offers the greatest gaming experience.

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You will also notice that South Africa has several of the best casinos. This is not surprising since these are the countries where the casinos are based. However, you must also understand that the casinos in this country offer more than just casino games. In fact, they offer different types of gambling including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker and live gaming.

If you choose to play roulette, you will be able to learn about the financial advice that is provided by the casino. In addition, you will also find that the casino staff in South Africa is friendly and knowledgeable about the products offered. In this way, you will be able to save money on your trip.

Playing blackjack is easy. This is because there are different types of betting odds. These include various single and double numbers, as well as multiples of the same number. Of course, you must know the exact size of gamblingboulevard official website the bet before placing it.

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Review of Online Casinos How to Locate the Best Casino65

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review of online casinos

Review of Online Casinos – How to Locate the Best Casino

The latest review of online casinos is not a question. It has become a hot topic among the online casino lovers, one can find so many reviews in the casino world and it is true that there are many people who are involved in the same way. The reviews will tell you about the quality of the site as well as the reliability of the site. Another thing that a review can say is what is the best online casino for real money about the security of the online casino.

Sites like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo are some of the websites where you can get to see the reviews of online casinos. If you want to holland casino breda vacatures find the best casino, you can go to the sites that have enough information and review about casinos. One can even take the help of the review of online casinos online and visit the review sites and search for the best one according to their needs. This will definitely give you the best information about the casinos that you can check out and finally choose the best one for yourself.

A review of online casinos will also tell you about the online casino’s security. The review will also tell you the level of fraud in the casino. Fraud will also be talked about so that people know how they can avoid the problem of fraud in their online casino. Therefore, it is recommended that you should always go for the review of online casinos and make sure that you never have any issues with the security of your casino.

Many of the players have asked for the review of online casinos and they have also asked their colleagues about this issue. This is a good way to help people in finding the best online casino because they can actually find the reviews by the people who are already a part of the online casino and they will be able to tell what they think about the gaming activity in the online casino. Reviews from people who have already played the online casino can also provide you with good information about the games that are available in the casino. However, it is also important to note that the reviews also depend on the source. There are so many sites that will give the reviews but you will be able to find only one of them since they will all have different criteria and the source will be the factor for the review. If the source is the official site of the casino then it will be more reliable while if the source is the site which is being hosted by the casino then it will be more reliable.

The reviews of online casinos are also provided by other players of the casino. This means that the reviews from these players will be more reliable since the information about the casino is already verified by them.

It is also important to note that the review of online casinos is only helpful in the process of choosing the best casino. There are so many factors that need to be considered before deciding on the kind of casino that one would like to play in. So, you should look at the reviews of online casinos and determine which sites are trustworthy or reliable before going to them for your casino gambling.

So, now that you know what the reviews of online casinos are, you can actually find the reviews on any website that provides the casino reviews. You can also read other online casinos reviews and decide on which one is most reliable for your online casino gaming needs.