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How To Find The Best Casino Online102

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How To Find The Best Casino Online

There are plenty of online casinos that allow you to play in real money, and there are even some that have real money slot machines. If you’ve ever wondered which one is the best one, you may be surprised at how many different options there really are.

real money slots online

In addition to the overall game selection, you also have to consider other factors such as location, minimum deposit requirements, games, and any bonuses that you could qualify for. Of course, the main reason why you’d online casino reviews want to play in real money is so that you can try to win more money, but you have to think about the location as well.

While it may seem obvious that playing in an online casino in Canada is actually easier than playing in a casino in Las Vegas, the truth is that it’s not always that easy. Some people really don’t know much about the Canadian internet casinos, and while it may seem like a good idea to make the most of the internet, you have to realize that it doesn’t always work that way.

It makes sense that a person who is interested in playing real money slots online would be able to do so in Canada. Of course, if you’re in a place where you can find and get a real casino online, you should be able to do so with no problem.

While it might seem that it would be simpler to find the right online casino, some people are finding that it’s not as simple as it looks. A lot of people are spending a lot of time and money trying to find the right online casino that will allow them to get into a slot machine and actually win a big jackpot. Since so many of the online casinos out there are scams, people are really losing their hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been scammed by one of these online casinos, you can’t bring a lawsuit against them because they don’t have to comply with the laws that are set forth by your country. Of course, you can always take your case to the local authorities and have them investigate what happened to you, but you will have to file a police report in order to get that done.

The truth is that most people are spending money on their real money slots online, and a lot of people aren’t aware of this fact. They keep getting hit up for the minimum deposit requirements and other small fees and of course, that’s why they don’t have enough money to get in to a real casino.

It’s really hard to know whether you’re going to get hit up for a minimum deposit requirement when you’re trying to play in real money slots online. However, if you’re really interested in making sure that you don’t get scammed, you should always shop around for the best deals that you can find.

How to Play in the Top Casinos248

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top casinos

How to Play in the Top Casinos

Do you know that the top casinos are mostly based on top gambling sites? In fact the top casinos and gambling sites are both developed by Google and Yahoo. They bring a great opportunity to online gambling, because they offer the best tools for online gamblers like players of roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Dice, 3-D and many more games of chance. Some of the best features of the casino are the free betting in free games as well as games of chance. Free gambling is also popular in most of the casinos. Moreover these games of chance are unique and interesting to players, as they offer great options for both novice and experts.

Most of the big budget casinos are developed for players who are not really interested in gambling but want to have fun in gambling. Some of the best games of chance in online casinos are there like slots, video poker, keno, bingo, roulette, etc. If you like to gamble on these games then it will be best for you to try this casino. If you are keen enough and serious enough then you can choose the online casino where you can get full knowledge about the game and you can also learn the strategies of playing these games. The multi-player games of chance are also another interesting feature of online casinos. This is due to the fact that you can play against different players around the world and it will be great for entertainment.

Some of the best feature of online casinos are the reviews of real users so that they can give their opinions about the games and the casino. So, if you like to play in these casinos then you should choose the one which is well maintained. They should also provide you with complete information about the games. If you are reading this article then you can choose the best online casino and you can also learn the strategies of gambling.


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Movie Review The Impact of Globalization in the Movie Still, the Children Are Here Essay (Movie Review)

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It is been 6000 years since people decided to cultivate rice. During those centuries, the civilization went thought a number of life-circles, developing the new facilities, values and entertainments.


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However, can we easily say what changed since that time when people in India started their worship? The movie Still, the Children Are Here shows the typical life of one village in the West Garo Hills in North East India. For the people who live there life-circle does not change.

Although there are modern technologies, cars, computers and television, people go to space and to a depth of the oceans, the villagers use the same methods as their ancestors. Thereby, it is possible to say that the impact of the civilization on the life of the villagers in the movie is not significant and people are able to save their traditional way of life in spite of the globalization.

Cultivation of rise as the way of life is the major idea of the present movie. For this society, the natural order of things in life is only one possible way. Perhaps, they do not know about the historical events, political movements and the fashionable trends. They do not care if their life is fair, rich or socially important. They know that life has to be like that. 6000 years their people go to the fields, grow rice and burn down the trees. It seems that the usual way life will never change.

However, the population of the Earth grows too fast. India is one of the most densely populated countries. Rural people feel more influence of the urban life. As the modern civilization needs more space and natural resources, rural people have to share their historical land with the newcomers. The village described in the movie is large.

Nevertheless, people who live there cannot maintain the separated life. The world around them is changing day by day and they cannot stop this movement. So what solution the villagers can find? Perhaps, they will dissolve in the other population of the country, adopting the new facilities and goods, or maybe they will try to save their way of life? Obviously, this question is complicated and causes the sharp discussions.

Someone may say that there is no way to resist the Globalization. On the other hand, someone may claim for necessity of saving the traditional characteristics. In fact, both of them are right. People try to keep the traditional life; however, it is impossible to stop the global processes.


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The essential nature of man in movie is considered as the cooperation with nature within the culture of cultivation. For the villagers, the natural life, food and culture are the main values.

In spite of the facilities and technologies that urban people can bring, the rural population needs their simple but own and native things. In general, those villagers are the same as the urban people. They are human-being with the same needs and characters. They can be hard-working, lazy, worry about money; they drink, eat and have the family problems.

However, this way is absolutely natural as it was 6000 years ago. In fact, people do not change. And, at the end, when the villagers will unite with other citizens, they will be the same people inside with the same emotions, but the traditions of their ancestors will be lost.

Keep the Troops Essay

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Since the bombing of the U.S embassies in Kenya, Tanzania and the terror attacks on the U.S in 1999, Al Qaeda, or Osama bin Laden are names that rekindle the bitter memories. Consequently, the U.S, Britain, and NATO combined forces to dismantle and eliminate Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which is the base of terror groups.


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Fortunately, in May 2011 the U.S intelligence service was able to gun down the leader and financier of Al Qaeda. Therefore, although Osama bin Laden is dead, his roots and doctrines on holy war still live especially in his followers. Due to the temptation of revenge from his followers, the U.S should keep its troops in Afghanistan.

Due to expulsion from Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Pakistan, Osama bin Laden landed in Afghanistan where he financed and spread his expertise on terrorism. Furthermore, he assisted the growth of Taliban in Afghanistan. Sadly, his attacks on the U.S disrupted the world peace branding him the ‘most wanted man’.

In 2001, forces from both the Britain and the U.S decided to fight and dismantle his Al Qaeda group. Due to technology and wits, they were not able to nail him down. At the same time, he was fighting back by bombing passenger trains in the West and the U.S embassies in other African states.

Luckily, early May 2011 was the turning point for the U.S after their intelligence service was able to gun him down. Consequently, Osama’s death led to celebration allover the world especially in the West. Although Osama is a fallen leader, his legacy still lives among his followers.

The living legacy of Osama should send fears in the nerves of the U.S government. Due to the death of Osama, the Islamic groups in the south Asia especially the Al Qaeda groups will strive to hit back at the U.S. and incase the Al Qaeda group revenge Osama’s death many Americans are yet to lose their lives.

To stop the revenge, America should watch closely the movement of the Al Qaeda groups. They should strive to dismantle and jail the members of the group, who are widespread in Asia. Therefore, to secure the lives of Americans, the peace keeping forces in Afghanistan should stay there for sometime and fight the other terrorists.


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In addition, the army forces in the West especially America should remain alert because the Al Qaeda group might hit at anytime soon. Thus, the withdrawal of the U.S army from Afghanistan will lead to a disastrous end but if they stay, they might instill fear in the Al Qaeda troupes and hinder them from attacking the west. Finally, I state categorically that the U.S armies should continue keeping surveillance on the Al Qaeda group in Afghanistan.

In summary, Afghanistan is the home of Al Qaeda terrorist group with Osama bin Laden as their leader until last month when he was gunned down by the US forces. With the help of Osama, the group has killed so many people especially the Americans. Therefore, America opted to fight the group, which has led to the recent killing of Osama.

Although the death of Osama seems like a breakthrough in America, his doctrines are alive and his followers might plan to revenge the death of their leader. Finally, the U.S army troops should stay in Afghanistan and not only monitor the group but also ensure the security of American citizens.

Ms. Gregorio’s Concept of Education Essay

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Ms. Gregorio’s approach of encouraging the use of cognates resonates with the instructional nature of elaboration. Elaboration theory argues that easier learning is achieved through organization of facts from the simplest to the most complex ones. Therefore, elaboration assumes that the easier learning content should precede the more complex ideas. Ms. Gregorio is upholding this concept by ensuring that her students use the simpler lingual notions to understand the more complex English-language concepts.


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This approach has several benefits to learners one of which is encouraging students to foster meanings of complex English-language concepts using their native languages. In addition, this approach enables students to rapidly prototype the instructions’ development process. Elaboration allows Ms. Gregorio to instil broader language concepts in the students before indulging into the narrow ones.

The key role of metacognition is to enable students to take control of their thinking process while learning. Ms. Gregorio tries to achieve this by teaching students using text-noting techniques among other metacognitive skills. The concept of metacognition advances the notion that when learners become aware of their thinking process, it is easier for them to learn.

Therefore, through these memory tricks Ms. Gregorio’s students will be able to enhance their attention in class, control their learning goals, and understand their learning dispositions. Nevertheless, each metacognition skill can only apply to a selective group of students and Ms. Gregorio has to employ as many of these memory tricks as possible.

When teaching using memory tricks, Ms. Gregorio should be aware of the timing element in the application of each trick. According to metacognition scholars and theorists, recognizing the correct moment of using a certain metacognitive strategy is more important than knowing how to use the strategy itself.

The concept of working memory maintains that it takes time for the brain to complete the cognitive mechanism. The working memory enables a learner to assess and process information to and from the long-term memory. This is the reason why Ms. Gregorio pauses between learning steps to enable her students’ cognitive processes to be completed. Different individuals have different capacities when it comes to working memories and Ms. Gregorio seems to be aware of this fact.

If a learner is faced by information processing demands that surpass his/her working memory’s ability, he/she will be unable to learn properly. However, by using step-by-step teaching processes Ms. Gregorio is able to limit her learner’s information processing demands. Moreover, pausing when teaching gives the student’s working memory time to finish processing previous information before taking in new one.


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Isocrates Panegyricus Coursework

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The exchange” speech”

Isocrates birth time is in 436 BC prior to the Peloponnesian war which never ended until the Greek lost their independence to Macedonia at Chaeronea in 338 BC.


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He was well educated and he studied with the famous rhetorician Gorgias and for ten years he wrote speeches used in law courts. At around 392 BC he started teaching as a sophist. Isocrates wrote Antidosis both as a defence and as an autobiography or as a rhetorical treatise at the late age of 82 years.

The literal meaning of Antidosis is the exchange.Isocrates does this work in form of a court case where he has to defend himself against a case in which he is charged with corrupting the youth. This he does legit by teaching them the art and creativity of speech for the sole purpose of getting advantage over their peers.

Though this work is presented as an imaginary legal defence but it employs the art of speech to treatise morality and social teachings. The accusations include that his teachings to the youth are for them to speak against the courts, think for themselves and receiving money from his students.

However, Isocrates is teaching the youth speech so that they can grow into leaders and better citizens of the country. He is a lifelong teacher and categorically states that the education he offered Athens is more than any monetary donation he would offer them since he is producing educated and civic minded citizens. He devoted and sacrificed his life to provide adequate rhetorical education.

The education system stressed by this man was the ability to make use of language for the purpose of addressing practical problems referring them as more philosophy than rhetorics.For students to learn, they needed training of knowledge which was provided by teachers and books; also important was natural aptitude which is actually inborn and practices which are applicable and designed by teachers.


Isocrates said that a Greek is that individual who shared their common culture. He was a proponent of multiculturalism who invited the barbarians and the Greek to become part of an ethnic group.


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He states in the Panegyricus that Athens, as a city has surpassed other men with its power of expression and wisdom such that the pupils it produces have grown into teachers of the world and the name of Hellene has moved from a mark of origin of race to that of intelligence.

Works Cited

Isocrates, Panathenaicus, tr. George Norlin 12-14 .

GoKasten Nederland Online Review How to Use the Experience to Improve Your Odds in the Casino108

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GoKasten Nederland Online Review – How to Use the Experience to Improve Your Odds in the Casino

GoKasten is the one of the most popular online casino gambling websites that offers its customers with the best online gambling experience. They have a collection of the best gambling sites in the web, the most sought after among them is the Beste Casinos. The casinos and sites offered by this site are mainly for casual gamblers and they offer some of the best perks to their customers including reduced poker deposit bonuses, house advantage, attractive win tables and various other add-ons. However, these perks only become apparent once a customer has become a regular player at the site. It has been observed that some of the players don’t realize their full more about the gambling payment skrill potential in the casino, which is why GoKasten Nederland Online Review was created.

<img src="" align="right" alt="gokkasten nederland online" style="height:auto; max-width:37% width:auto; margin:0px 10px; max-height:386px;”>

It was formed to provide an unbiased review of the best online casinos in Nederland. Most of the reviews here are based on real-time statistics collected by the team. This helps players see the trends in the casino industry. For example, players who win a lot often get tired of playing and quit before they reach the bankroll limits imposed by the website. This is one of the many things you can do to improve your odds in the casino. The casino could easily prevent this from happening by making their jackpot prizes bigger. Therefore, as a player you should be aware of the online casinos that offer the highest possible jackpot prizes.

The review team spent a lot of time to compare the results of several players and their habits as well. This means that their predictions are not completely made up. snelst casino Hence, you should take advantage of their advice when you sign up for free membership in this casino.

“Religion in society A sociology of religion” – The most important chapter Essay- by EduBirdie

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Table of Contents

Thesis statement

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Body of the essay



Essay on “Religion in society: A sociology of religion” – The most important chapter

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Thesis statement

One of the main aspects of a post-industrial living is the fact that; whereas, the influence of some world’s major religions (such as Christianity) continues to weaken, other religions (such as Islam) appear to become ever more influential (Bruce & Glendinning, 2010). scam

However, discussing the earlier mentioned phenomenon from strictly a theological perspective can be hardly justified, since it is in the nature of committed believers to deny the very fact that the surrounding socio-cultural reality has any effect on the theological validity of religious doctrines, with which they happened to be affiliated.

In its turn, this implies that it is only when we adopt a sociological stance, within the context of how we assess the discursive significance of every particular religion, that we may be able to gain an in-depth insight into the discussed religion as ‘thing in itself’.

In this respect, the reading of Ronald Johnstone’s 2007 book ‘Religion in society: A sociology of religion’ will come in especially handy, because this book encourages readers to think of religion, as an extrapolation of its affiliates’ collective archetype.

In light of this suggestion, the book’s Chapter 1appears particularly enlightening, because apart from discussing religion in terms of a sociological/psychological phenomenon, it establishes an undeniable link between religion and magic (spirituality) – hence, allowing readers to gain a better understanding of what should be considered the actual roots of people’s sense of religiosity. In my paper, I will aim to explore the validity of this suggestion at length.

Body of the essay

The foremost reason why I think that the book’s Chapter 1 is particularly relevant, within the context of how people go about trying to gain a better understanding of religion, is that it points out to the fact that the qualitative essence of people’s religious beliefs cannot be discussed outside of what account for the particulars of their collective positioning.

As Johnstone noted, “Religion is first of all a group phenomenon… We see places of worship all around us and have clear mental pictures of groups of people (congregations) assembling together in prayer” (p. 8).

Sociology of Religion ?

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In its turn, this presupposes that, in order for one to consider becoming affiliated with a particular religion, he or she must be psychologically comfortable with the way of how the members of the religious congregation in question address life-challenges. This, of course, implies that, contrary to what religious people believe, the characteristics of their faith in god/gods/’divine’ do not reflect the workings of their ‘freewill’, but rather their workings of their unconscious psyche.

The validity of this statement can be well explored in regards to the fact that, despite being theologically related, the monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam offer distinctively different conceptualizations of heaven/afterlife.

Whereas, Christians believe that, after having been allowed into the ‘kingdom of heaven’, they will be handed out harps and required to play them for eternity, while praising God; Muslims believe that, while in heaven, they will be primarily preoccupied with drinking wine and having sex with as many women, as possible (Facchini, 2010).

This is exactly the reason why, while appealing to people known for the sheer strength of their sexual appetites (Arabs, Blacks), the religion of Islam does not quite appeal to Whites, who due to their inability to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers, now stand on the threshold of extinction.

Another reason why I think that the book’s Chapter 1 should be referred to as the most important one, is that it prompts readers to assess the theological tenets of just about every religion, in regards to the extent of this religion’s practical functionality.

This functionality is concerned with the religion’s ability to assist its affiliates in coping with their life-challenges, “People desire to know more and to explain… natural phenomena and events like thunder/ lightening, floods, fire, sudden death, and so on, as well as questions of purpose, destiny, life’s meaning, and the like” (Johnstone, p. 8).

For example, there are a number of passages in the Quran that encourage Muslims to consider conceiving as many children, as possible. Yet, there are no similar passages to be found in the Bible. The reason for this is simple – the religion of Islam was developing in particularly arid regions, where people’s physical well-being had always been strongly depended on the whims of weather.

After all, the prolonged absence of rain in these regions even today means nothing short of a starvation for the agriculture-dependent inhabitants. Hence, these people’s traditional preoccupation with ‘baby-making’ – the more there are children in the family, the higher are the parents’ chances to survive physically, because even comparatively young children can be well turned into agricultural helpers (McQuillian, 2004).

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Thus, it is utterly inappropriate to discuss religions in terms of a ‘revelation’, which always remains thoroughly legitimate, regardless of what happened to be the associated circumstances. Apparently, it is the extent of the religion’s conceptual attunement with the observable manifestations of the surrounding reality, which should be thought of as the measure of this religion’s theological validity.

The third major reason why I think that the reading of the book’s Chapter 1 should prove particularly enlightening to just about anyone, who strives to attain an in-depth insight into the phenomenon of religion, is that it subtly exposes the religion’s counterproductive essence, as such that prevents people from expanding their intellectual horizons.

This could not be otherwise, because it is in the very nature of just about every monotheistic religion to provide its affiliates with the set of ‘God’s commandments’, from which believers are not supposed to deviate, while pursuing with their lives, “You should do something or refrain from doing it because God says so or it is in tune with cosmic forces, not simply because our group says so or because I, your leader, say so” (Johnstone, p. 12).

However, even though religious individuals never cease suggesting that what they seriously believe that the ‘God’s commandments’ continue remaining up to date; this is far from being the case.

Had this been otherwise, Christian and Muslim conceptualizations of ‘heavenly pleasures’ would not be merely concerned with promising believers the prospect of being placed in the ‘kingdom of heaven’, where there is a plenty of eatable fruits, vine and women, but also 3D TVs, jacuzzis and sport-cars.

In addition, there would not be hundreds if not thousands of sectarian divisions, within each major religion, which reflect the fact that, despite the believers’ assumption that their religion represents an ‘ultimate truth’, this ‘truth’ needs to be continually updated, in order to remain more or less consistent with the realities of a modern living (Bruce, 2006).

Nevertheless, it is not only that the book’s Chapter 1 provides readers with a rationale to adopt a scientific (specifically sociological) stance, once the discussion of the religion’s discursive significance is at stake, but it also encourages them to consider the possibility that religion is nothing but the reflection of people’s deep-seated psychological atavism.

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The validity of this statement can be shown in relation to the Johnstone’s insistence that the notions of religion and magic (spirituality) are closely interrelated, “Both are attempts to deal with and solve the basic problems people face… Both are based on faith in the existence and efficacy of powers that cannot be seen… Both involve ritual activity, traditionally prescribed patterns of behavior” (p. 16).


Yet, as of today, it does not represent much of a secret to psychologists and sociologists that the strength of a particular individual’s obsession with spirituality/magic, positively correlates with the extent of his or her evolutionary underdevelopment.

The reason for this is simple – one’s magical/spiritual (holistic) worldview is essentially an animalistic worldview, because it reflects the concerned individual’s mental tendency to objectualize itself within the surrounding natural environment – just as high mammals and primeval savages do.

For example, it has been well observed that wild bears that sustain injuries against sticking out tree-branches, while crawling over the log, usually stand up on their hind legs and begin hitting these branches with both of their paws – as if they wanted to punish them.

The reason for this is simple – in these bears’ mind, the ‘evil’ branches appear nothing short of living entities of their own. In a similar manner, ‘spiritually rich’ individuals naively assume that there is ‘purposefulness’ to the reality’s emanations.

This explains the primitive tribesmen’s willingness to pray to celestial bodies (Sun/Moon). Just as it happened to be the case with the earlier mentioned bears, these people tend to perceive the world around them as an assemblage of mystic actions, rather than the observable consequence of an essentially purposeless interplay between causes and effects.

Because ‘spirituality’ has traditionally served as the conceptual foundation for just about any world’s major religion, it will only be logical to suggest that the more religious a particular individual happened to be, the more he or she is being closer to animals, and vice versa.

The legitimacy of this idea can be illustrated in relation to Johnstone’s another suggestion, found in Chapter 1, that, “One of the most obvious features of any religion… is the performance of ritual and the host of other activities generated by its beliefs” (p.11).

For example, it represents a commonplace assumption among even committed Christians that, in order for them to remain in favor with God; they simply have to attend Church once per week and to try not to fall asleep during the sermon, while there.

Therefore, there is nothing particularly odd about the fact that the religion of Christianity can no longer be considered ‘alive’ – its affiliates became little too civilized, which prevents them from being de facto religious believers. The same, however, cannot be said about the religion of Islam.

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It is not only that Muslims get down on their knees and pray Allah five times per day, regardless of where the ‘prayer time’ catches them – the sheer bestiality of some of their religious practices leaves very few doubts, as to the fact that they are indeed religious people, in the full sense of this word.

For example, the Islamic celebration of Eid al-Adha involves the ritual of slashing the throat of a sheep in public and watching the poor animal convulsing in the pool of blood (Akhtar & Varma, 2012). Many Westerners refer to this practice as utterly barbaric and therefore, socially unacceptable. Yet, the same Westerners promote the concept of a,25.htm ‘religious tolerance’ in their own countries.

What it means is that they simply do not understand what is religion per se (their sense of religiosity is essentially superficial) and what are the objective (biological and cultural) preconditions for people to remain strongly religious.

This once again highlights the educational value of Johnstone’s book, in general, and of this book’s Chapter 1, in particular. After all, in this specific chapter the author proved himself intellectually honest enough to suggest that, contrary to what the advocates of political correctness want us to believe, religion is a legitimate subject of a scientific inquiry, “The sociology of religion is conducted according to the scientific method” (p. 6).

Apparently, the time has come for us to recognize religion as to what it really is – the indication of people’s existential primitiveness. Once researchers deploy the scientific method, while probing religion, they will inevitably come to the earlier articulated conclusion.


I believe that what has been said earlier fully correlates with the paper’s initial thesis. Thus, it will only be appropriate, on my part, to reinstate once again that it is specifically the Chapter 1 in the Johnstone’s book, which can be deemed the most important. This is because, after having read it, people would be more likely to adopt a scientific attitude towards dealing with religious issues – whatever ‘sensitive’ these issues may appear.

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Akhtar, S. & Varma, A. (2012). Sacrifice: Psychodynamic, cultural and clinical aspects. American Journal of Psychoanalysis , 72 (2), 95-117

Bruce, S. & Glendinning, T. (2010). When was secularization? Dating the decline of the British churches and locating its cause. British Journal of Sociology , 61 (1), 107-126.

Bruce, S. (2006). Secularization and the impotence of individualized religion. Hedgehog Review , 8 (1/2), 35-45.

Facchini, F. (2010). Religion, law and development: Islam and Christianity – Why is it in Occident and not in the Orient that man invented the institutions of freedom? European Journal of Law and Economics , 29 (1), 103-129.

Glassman, R. (2004). Good behavioral science has room for theology: Any room for God? Behavioral and Brain Sciences , 27 (6), 737-738.

Johnstone, R. (2007). Religion in society: A sociology of religion (8th Edition) . Pearson: Prentice Hall.

McQuillian, J. (2004). When does religion influence fertility? Population & Development Review , 30 (1), 25-56.

“Point Blank Guns and Violence in America” by Gary Kleck Essay (Critical Writing)- by EduBirdie

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Table of Contents


Authors’ Use of Language

Evaluation of Evidence

Influence on the Authors

Authors’ Perception on the Topic

Works Cited

Critical Writing on “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” by Gary Kleck

for only


Controversy surrounding gun control has been existence in America for over a century. While possession of guns has been widely associated with injury and death of innocent people, guns have also been known to save lives and prevent crimes when used appropriately (Valdez 7). According to the federal government’s national vital statistic report of 2001, 11001 people were murdered by use of a fire arm, 924 died as a result of accidental shootings, while 16455 people used guns to commit suicide (Gold 11).

Thousands of Americans are dying each year from gun inflicted injuries. However, the same guns are used by police and other law enforcing agents to protect people against crime. Opponents of gun control such as Kleck Gary oppose gun control citing that such regulations have no significant effect on the overall crime reduction in America. On the other hand, proponents of gun control argue that ownership of more guns often results in increased deaths emanating from use of fire arms.

Authors’ Use of Language

In his book, Point blank: guns and violence in America, Gary Kleck is contemptuous of gun control proponents. According to Kleck, the central rationale for gun control as a means of controlling violence is ‘eminently commonsensical’ (Kleck 429). He argues that the effects of disarming violent people are limited in scope and would not necessarily produce any net violence reducing impact. The writer is critical of the proponents’ views which he refers to as ‘unduly simplified conception of the role of weaponry in human violence’ (Kleck 429).

Susan Dudley Gold accommodates the views of gun control opponents and incorporates them in her discussion. The writer presents the views of proponents and supports them with relevant evidence. She assesses both sides of the discussion and acknowledges that the ongoing debate continues to be complicated by lack of consensus between the two sides (Gold 17). The writer is not cynical of the opposing side; rather, she considers the arguments from both sides in order to make an informed decision.

Evaluation of Evidence

According to Gary Kleck, general gun ownership appears to have an insignificant net effect on the rates of crime although they affect the fraction of crimes committed with guns (Kleck, 430). Kleck claims that gun ownership levels have no net effect on suicide rates especially due to the wide range of alternative suicide methods.

In addition, gun ownership levels appear to have no relationship with the rates of fatal gun accidents since such accidents are rare and confined to a small portion of the population. This makes it difficult to detect any statistical relationship existing between gun levels and accident rates (Kleck 430). However, the writer fails to adequately support his evidence with research findings and statistical data.

Susan Gold clearly outlines the views of gun control advocates and supports them with statistical evidence. The proponents argue that possession of a gun does not guarantee family and property safety. Indeed, such possession endangers lives of family members through accidental shootings and gun related suicides (Gold, 17). This argument is backed by Arthur Kellermann, a medical school professor, who in his research found that death from such incidences occur twice as much as death resulting from killings by armed criminals.

Social & Political Theory ?

In addition, proponents of gun control argue that the more guns there are, the more the deaths resulting from guns. In support of this argument, the writer cites the report issued by the federal by Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire arms which indicated that the highest rates of violent crimes was in 1990 when the sale of small fire arms was at the peak (Gold 17).

Influence on the Authors

Susan Daudley Gold was heavily influenced by the escalating violence rates across regions of the world. In her book, she gives a statistical outline of the crime rates in various countries as well as gun murder rates. The writer looks at the debate on guns control from both perspectives in order to establish the reasons why criminal rates remain high in most parts of the world.

Gary Kleck was highly influenced by the irony prevalent in the gun control struggle. When it comes to the issue of gun control, the traditional political positions often become reversed. The debate has forced liberals and conservatives to switch places whereby liberalists support gun laws whereas conservatives oppose them. The writer out rightly rejects the proponents view by criticizing the arguments that they place in support of gun laws.

Authors’ Perception on the Topic

According to Susan Gold, the century old argument revolves around the issues of the second amendment, the relationship between gun ownership and crime and the effectiveness of gun control regulations. She is accommodates views from both sides and suggests that the only reason for persistence of the highly controversial debate is the complication arising from the fact that guns are used for both protection and harm.

Gary Kleck on the other hand disagrees with the proponents of gun control citing that there exists no valid relationship between levels of guns and rates of violent crimes. However, the writer acknowledges the need for a workable gun control strategy due to the dangerous nature of gun as a weapon.

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